Graduate Courses

The following courses are currently offered by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Courses at the 100-level are intended for freshmen, 200-level sophomores, 300-level juniors, 400-level seniors and graduate students, and 500-level graduate students.

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Number Title Syllabus
MSE 401 Thermodynamics of Materials
MSE 403 Synthesis of Materials
MSE 404 CP Ceramic Processing
MSE 404 MAC Computational MSE- Macroscale
MSE 404 PC1 Polymer Characterization
MSE 404 PS1 Polymer Synthesis
MSE 406 Thermal-Mech Behavior of Matls
MSE 421 Ceramic Processing
MSE 440 Mechanical Behavior of Metals
MSE 443 Design of Engineering Alloys
MSE 456 Mechanics of Composites
MSE 457 Polymer Chemistry
MSE 470 Design and Use of Biomaterials
MSE 480 Surfaces and Colloids
MSE 485 Atomic Scale Simulations
MSE 492 Lab Safety Fundamentals
MSE 500 Statistical Thermodyn of Matls
MSE 529 Hard Materials Seminar
MSE 559 Soft Materials Seminar
MSE 595 Materials Colloquium