Graduate Courses

The following courses are currently offered by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Courses at the 100-level are intended for freshmen, 200-level sophomores, 300-level juniors, 400-level seniors and graduate students, and 500-level graduate students.

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Number Title Syllabus
MSE 402 Kinetic Processes in Materials
MSE 404 Alloy Design & Performance
MSE 405 Microstructure Determination
MSE 420 Ceramic Materials & Properties
MSE 422 Electrical Ceramics
MSE 441 Metals Processing
MSE 445 Corrosion of Metals
MSE 450 Polymer Science & Engineering
MSE 453 Plastics Engineering
MSE 455 Macromolecular Solids
MSE 458 Polymer Physics
MSE 473 Biomolecular Materials Science
MSE 474 Biomaterials and Nanomedicine
MSE 481 Electron Microscopy
MSE 487 Materials for Nanotechnology
MSE 492 Lab Safety Fundamentals
MSE 529 Hard Materials Seminar
MSE 559 Soft Materials Seminar
MSE 580 Diffraction Physics of Matls
MSE 583 Dynamics of Complex Fluids
MSE 595 Materials Colloquium