Graduate Fellowships and Awards

Fellowships & Awards

Current and prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply for external fellowships that they are eligible for.  In addition to the list below, many fellowships are available from government entities and corporations.

External Fellowships

Fellowship office at the Graduate College (search for fellowships)
National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship
SMART Fellowship
DoE Office of Science Graduate Fellowship Program
DoE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
DoE Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship
Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship
National Physical Science Consortium, graduate fellowships in science, mathematics, and engineering
Fulbright Program

MatSE grads - internal Fellowships & Awards

Donald W. Hamer Fellows
Racheff Teaching Fellows
Racheff Award for Outstanding Graduate Research
Complete list of Racheff-Intel Award recipients
SURGE (College of Engineering)