Combined Degree Program

Combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in MatSE

The five-year BS-MS program in Materials Science and Engineering combines two degrees: a BS in MatSE with an MS (with thesis) in MatSE. Current University of Illinois MatSE students enrolled in the College of Engineering who maintain superior academic performance are eligible to apply for this program. Students admitted to the program will receive both degrees once all requirements for the 5-Year BS-MS degree program have been successfully completed but will be permitted to participate in the Graduation Ceremonies with their class if they have completed 128 hours.

Program Description
BS/MS Application
BS/MS Letter of Recommendation

Graduation Convocation/Commencement Policy

Starting Fall 2018, students in a 5-year BS/MS or MENG program will only be able to walk in a convocation/commencement ceremony once both programs are completed and will walk as a master’s graduate. A joint degree program is a campus approved program in which a student concurrently pursues two specifically identified degrees and those degrees are conferred simultaneously. For graduate students, this is a combination of a graduate degree with one of the following: another graduate degree, an undergraduate degree or a professional degree.

Confirming Bachelor’s Requirements are Met

Students in a joint bachelor’s/master’s degree must meet with the Engineering Undergraduate Program’s Degree Conferral person in the Engineering Undergraduate Program Office, room 206 Engineering Hall, to ensure all requirements have been met for the bachelor’s degree. The degree audit must be completed at the time students move into the master’s degree. 

In addition, students must submit any required paperwork to confer either their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree no later than November 1 for a December conferral or April 1 for a May conferral. If paperwork is not submitted by this deadline, the college cannot guarantee that your degree will be conferred for that degree conferral period.

Adding Name to Degree Conferral List

Students in a joint bachelor’s/master’s degree program must add their name to both the bachelor’s degree conferral list and the master’s degree conferral list in order to graduate. Students must add their name by the designated deadlines for each degree.  If either deadlines is missed, this may require the student to wait until the next degrees conferral period.

Joint Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and M.S. or Ph.D. in MatSE

The Illinois MBA and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering have jointly established a program leading to the degrees of Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Material Science Engineering or Doctorate of Philosophy in Material Science and Engineering. The two degrees are awarded on the basis of 92 hours of coursework with thesis for master of science (96 hours without thesis) or 156 hours of coursework for doctorate degree. The MBA/MatSE program is open to students who have completed an accredited bachelor’s degree and who meet the admission criteria of the MBA program and Department of Material Science and Engineering.

Program Description