Technical Electives (Pre-Summer 2018)

**These electives only apply to students who were enrolled before Summer 2018.**

Please refer to the Course Catalog for course descriptions and availability.

The following courses will be accepted as technical electives in Materials Science and Engineering. Note that this list can be updated at any time. We will make every effort to disseminate changes. However, students should check for updates to this list regularly.

Students in Biomaterials — No 100 or 200 level biology-related courses will be accepted as technical electives unless approved by a faculty member familiar with the biomaterials area, by the Chief Advisor, the Department Head or the Associate Head. See notes on individual lists below also.


  • Graduate courses are not listed and will be approved upon request.
  • Seminars and special topics courses may be approved upon request.
  • Courses redundant with MATSE or other courses already taken are not acceptable even if they are on this list.
  • Some technical electives (as noted below) have a lower engineering/science component. Only one of these courses may be taken for technical elective credit.

Aerospace Engineering
Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Business and Technical Writing
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computational Science and Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Food Science and Human Nutrition
General Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Molecular and Cell Biology
Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering
Technical Systems Management
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Aerospace Engineering

AE 201 Aerospace Flight Mechanics I
AE 202 Aerospace Flight Mechanics
AE 252 Aerospace Dynamics I
AE 302 Aerospace Flight Mechanics II
AE 311 Incompressible Flow
AE 312 Compressible Flow
AE 321 Mechs of Aerospace Structures
AE 322 Aerospace Structures II
AE 323 Applied Aerospace Structures
AE 352 Aerospace Dynamical Systems
AE 353 Aerospace Control Systems
AE 402 Orbital Mechanics
AE 403 Spacecraft Attitude Control
AE 410 Computational Aerodynamics
AE 412 Viscous Flow & Heat Transfer
AE 416 Applied Aerodynamics
AE 419 Aircraft Flight Mechanics
AE 420 Finite Element Analysis
AE 427 Mechanics of Polymers
AE 428 Mechanics of Composites
AE 433 Aerospace Propulsion
AE 434 Rocket Propulsion
AE 435 Electric Propulsion
AE 440 Aerospace Systems Design I
AE 441 Aerospace Systems Design II
AE 442 Aerospace Systems Design I
AE 451 Aeroelasticity
AE 454 Systems Dynamics & Control
AE 460 Aerodynamics & Propulsion Lab
AE 461 Structures & Control Lab
AE 468 Optical Remote Sensing
AE 470 Aerospace Numerical Methods
AE 481 Wind Power Technology
AE 482 Introduction to Robotics
AE 483 Aerospace Decision Algorithms

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

ABE 221  Agric & Biological Engrg I
ABE 222  Agric & Biological Engrg II
ABE 361  Off-Road Machine Design
ABE 374  Environ Control for Buildings
ABE 425  Engrg Measurement Systems
ABE 426  Applied Machine Vision
ABE 430  Project Management
ABE 436  Renewable Energy Systems
ABE 446  Biological Nanoengineering
ABE 455  Erosion and Sediment Control
ABE 456  Land & Water Resources Engrg
ABE 457  NPS Pollution Processes
ABE 458  NPS Pollution Modeling
ABE 459  Drainage and Water Management
ABE 463  Electrohydraulic Systems
ABE 466  Engineering Off-Road Vehicles
ABE 469  Industry-Linked Design Project
ABE 476  Indoor Air Quality Engineering
ABE 482  Package Engineering
ABE 483  Engrg Properties of Food Matls
ABE 485  Food & Process Engrg Design
ABE 487  Grain Drying and Conditioning
ABE 488  Bioprocessing Grains for Fuels
ABE 489  Corn Milling Process Design  


Architecture courses are classified as having a lower engineering/science component (see note above).

ARCH 231 Anatomy of Buildings
ARCH 233 Construction of Buildings II
ARCH 373 Arch. Design and the Landscape
ARCH 374 Arch. Design and the City
ARCH 451 Theory & Design Steel & Timber
ARCH 452 Theory of Reinforced Concrete
ARCH 475 Arch. Design & Development


All the following courses are OK for students in the biomaterials concentration.

BIOC 446 Physical Biochemistry
BIOC 455 Technqs Biochem & Biotech


All the following courses are OK for students in the biomaterials concentration.

BIOE 120 Introduction to Bioengineering
BIOE 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar
BIOE 201 Conservation Principles Bioeng
BIOE 202 Cell & Tissue Engineering Lab
BIOE 205 Circuits & Systems in Bioengrg
BIOE 301 Introductory Biomechanics
BIOE 302 Modeling Human Physiology
BIOE 380 Biomedical Imaging
BIOE 406 Veterinary Ortho Biomechanics
BIOE 414 Biomedical Instrumentation
BIOE 415 Biomedical Instrumentation Lab
BIOE 416 Biosensors
BIOE 419 Brain, Behavior & Info Process
BIOE 461 Cellular Biomechanics
BIOE 466 Image and Neuroimage Analysis
BIOE 467 Biophotonics
BIOE 472 Techniques in Biomolecular Eng
BIOE 473 Biomaterials Laboratory
BIOE 475 Modeling of Bio-Systems
BIOE 476 Tissue Engineering
BIOE 480 Magnetic Resonance Imaging
BIOE 481 Whole-Body Musculoskel Biomech
BIOE 482 Musculoskel Tissue Mechanics 


All the following courses are OK for students in the biomaterials concentration.

BIOP 401 Introduction to Biophysics
BIOP 417 Modeling Neural Systems
BIOP 419 Brain, Behavior & Info Process
BIOP 420 Molecular Biophysics
BIOP 432 Photosynthesis
BIOP 470 Computational Chemical Biology

Business and Technical Writing

Business and Technical Writing courses are classified as having a lower engineering/science component (see note above).

BTW 261 Principles Tech. Comm.
BTW 277 Adv. Tech. Comm.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

CHBE 121 CHBE Profession
CHBE 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar
CHBE 201 Cooperative Education Planning
CHBE 202 Cooperative Education Practice
CHBE 221 Principles of CHE
CHBE 297 Individual Study Sophomores
CHBE 321 Thermodynamics
CHBE 421 Momentum and Heat Transfer
CHBE 422 Mass Transfer Operations
CHBE 424 Chemical Reaction Engineering
CHBE 430 Unit Operations Laboratory
CHBE 431 Process Design
CHBE 440 Process Control and Dynamics
CHBE 451 Transport Phenomena
CHBE 452 Chemical Kinetics & Catalysis
CHBE 453 Electrochemical Engineering
CHBE 456 Polymer Science & Engineering
CHBE 457 Microelectronics Processing
CHBE 471 Biochemical Engineering
CHBE 472 Techniques in Biomolecular Eng
CHBE 473 Biomolecular Engineering
CHBE 474 Metabolic Engineering 


CHEM 222 Quantitative Analysis Lecture
CHEM 223 Quantitative Analysis Lab
CHEM 232 Elementary Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 233 Elementary Organic Chem Lab I
CHEM 236 Fundamental Organic Chem I
CHEM 237 Structure and Synthesis
CHEM 312 Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 315 Instrumental Chem Systems Lab
CHEM 317 Inorganic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 332 Elementary Organic Chem II
CHEM 360 Chemistry of the Environment
CHEM 420 Instrumental Characterization
CHEM 436 Fundamental Organic Chem II
CHEM 437 Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 438 Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM 440 Physical Chemistry Principles
CHEM 442 Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 444 Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 445 Physical Principles Lab I
CHEM 447 Physical Principles Lab II
CHEM 450 Astrochemistry
CHEM 451 Astrochemistry Laboratory
CHEM 460 Green Chemistry
CHEM 470 Computational Chemical Biology
CHEM 472 Physical Biochemistry
CHEM 480 Polymer Chemistry
CHEM 482 Polymer Physical Chemistry
CHEM 483 Solid State Structural Anlys
CHEM 484 Thermodynamics of Materials
CHEM 488 Surfaces and Colloids

Civil and Environmental Engineering

CEE 310 Transportation Engineering
CEE 320 Construction Engineering
CEE 330 Environmental Engineering
CEE 350 Water Resources Engineering
CEE 360 Structural Engineering
CEE 380 Geotechnical Engineering
CEE 400 Welding and Joining Processes
CEE 401 Concrete Materials
CEE 405 Asphalt Materials I
CEE 406 Pavement Design I
CEE 407 Airport Design
CEE 408 Railroad Transportation Engrg
CEE 409 Railroad Track Engineering
CEE 430 Ecological Quality Engineering
CEE 431 Biomonitoring
CEE 432 Stream Ecology
CEE 434 Environmental Systems I
CEE 436 Sustainable Urban Bldg Sites
CEE 437 Water Quality Engineering
CEE 440 Solid and Hazardous Waste
CEE 442 Env Eng Principles, Physical
CEE 443 Env Eng Principles, Chemical
CEE 444 Env Eng Principles, Biological
CEE 445 Air Quality Modeling
CEE 446 Air Quality Engineering
CEE 447 Atmospheric Chemistry
CEE 448 Indoor Air Quality Engineering
CEE 449 Environmental Engineering Lab
CEE 450 Surface Hydrology
CEE 451 Environmental Fluid Mechanics
CEE 452 Hydraulic Analysis and Design
CEE 453 Urban Hydrology and Hydraulics
CEE 455 Erosion and Sediment Control
CEE 457 Groundwater
CEE 460 Steel Structures I
CEE 461 Reinforced Concrete I
CEE 462 Steel Structures II
CEE 463 Reinforced Concrete II
CEE 465 Design of Structural Systems
CEE 467 Masonry Structures
CEE 468 Prestressed Concrete
CEE 469 Wood Structures
CEE 470 Structural Analysis
CEE 471 Structural Mechanics
CEE 472 Structural Dynamics I
CEE 480 Foundation Engineering
CEE 483 Soil Mechanics and Behavior
CEE 484 Applied Soil Mechanics
CEE 490 Computer Methods
CEE 491 Decision and Risk Analysis 

Computational Science and Engineering

CSE 400 Data Structures: Non-CS Majors
CSE 401 Numerical Analysis
CSE 402 Parallel Progrmg: Sci & Engrg
CSE 414 Fundamental Algorithms
CSE 422 Computer System Organization
CSE 423 Operating Systems Design
CSE 424 Distributed Systems
CSE 425 Communication Networks
CSE 426 Software Engineering I
CSE 427 Interactive Computer Graphics
CSE 428 Production Computer Graphics
CSE 429 Software Engineering II
CSE 433 Intro to VLSI System Design
CSE 441 Introduction to Optimization
CSE 450 Computational Mechanics
CSE 451 Finite Element Analysis
CSE 461 Computational Aerodynamics
CSE 485 Atomic Scale Simulations
CSE 491 Computer Methods 

Computer Science

CS 110 Programming Laboratory
CS 173 Discrete Structures
CS 210 Ethical & Professional Issues
CS 225 Data Structures
CS 231 Computer Architecture I
CS 232 Computer Architecture II
CS 241 System Programming
CS 242 Programming Studio
CS 357 Numerical Methods I
CS 373 Theory of Computation
CS 410 Text Information Systems
CS 411 Database Systems
CS 412 Introduction to Data Mining
CS 413 Intro to Combinatorics
CS 414 Multimedia Systems
CS 417 Computer-Assisted Instruction
CS 418 Interactive Computer Graphics
CS 419 Production Computer Graphics
CS 420 Parallel Progrmg: Sci & Engrg
CS 421 Progrmg Languages & Compilers
CS 422 Programming Language Design
CS 423 Operating Systems Design
CS 424 Real-Time Systems
CS 425 Distributed Systems
CS 426 Compiler Construction
CS 427 Software Engineering I
CS 428 Software Engineering II
CS 429 Software Engineering II, ACP
CS 431 Embedded Systems
CS 433 Computer System Organization
CS 435 Intro to VLSI System Design
CS 436 Computer Networking Laboratory
CS 438 Communication Networks
CS 439 Wireless Networks
CS 440 Artificial Intelligence
CS 443 Introduction to Robotics
CS 446 Machine Learning
CS 450 Numerical Analysis
CS 457 Numerical Methods II
CS 460 Security Laboratory
CS 461 Computer Security I
CS 462 Logic Design
CS 463 Computer Security II
CS 465 User Interface Design
CS 466 Introduction to Bioinformatics
CS 473 Fundamental Algorithms
CS 475 Formal Models of Computation
CS 476 Program Verification
CS 477 Formal Software Devel Methods
CS 481 Stochastic Processes & Applic
CS 482 Simulation 

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 206 Elec & Electronic Circuits Lab
ECE 210 Analog Signal Processing
ECE 211 Analog Circuits & Systems
ECE 290 Computer Engineering I
ECE 307 Techniques for Engrg Decisions
ECE 313 Probability with Engrg Applic
ECE 328 Computer Solutions EM Probs
ECE 329 Intro Electromagnetic Fields
ECE 333 Green Electric Energy
ECE 340 Semiconductor Electronics
ECE 361 Digital Communications
ECE 380 Biomedical Imaging
ECE 385 Digital Systems Laboratory
ECE 390 Computer Engineering II
ECE 391 Computer Systems Engineering
ECE 395 Advanced Digital Projects Lab
ECE 403 Audio Engineering
ECE 410 Digital Signal Processing I
ECE 411 Computer Organization & Design
ECE 412 Microcomputer Laboratory
ECE 414 Biomedical Instrumentation
ECE 415 Biomedical Instrumentation Lab
ECE 416 Biosensors
ECE 417 Multimedia Signal Processing
ECE 418 Image & Video Processing
ECE 419 Security Laboratory
ECE 420 Digital Signal Processing Lab
ECE 421 Plasma and Fusion Science
ECE 422 Computer Security I
ECE 424 Computer Security II
ECE 425 Intro to VLSI System Design
ECE 428 Distributed Systems
ECE 430 Power Ckts & Electromechanics
ECE 431 Electric Machinery
ECE 432 Advanced Electric Machinery
ECE 435 Computer Networking Laboratory
ECE 437 Sensors and Instrumentation
ECE 438 Communication Networks
ECE 439 Wireless Networks
ECE 441 Physcs & Modeling Semicond Dev
ECE 442 Electronic Circuits
ECE 443 Electronic Circuits Laboratory
ECE 444 IC Device Theory & Fabrication
ECE 445 Senior Design Project Lab
ECE 447 Active Microwave Ckt Design
ECE 448 Artificial Intelligence
ECE 450 Lines, Fields, and Waves
ECE 451 Adv Microwave Measurements
ECE 452 Electromagnetic Fields
ECE 453 Wireless Communication Systems
ECE 454 Antennas
ECE 455 Optical Electronics
ECE 457 Microwave Devices & Circuits
ECE 458 Applic of Radio Wave Propag
ECE 459 Communications Systems
ECE 460 Optical Imaging
ECE 462 Logic Design
ECE 463 Digital Communications Lab
ECE 464 Power Electronics
ECE 465 Optical Communications Systems
ECE 466 Optical Communications Lab
ECE 467 Biophotonics
ECE 468 Optical Remote Sensing
ECE 469 Power Electronics Laboratory
ECE 470 Introduction to Robotics
ECE 472 Biomedical Ultrasound Imaging
ECE 473 Fund of Engrg Acoustics
ECE 475 Modeling of Bio-Systems
ECE 476 Power System Analysis
ECE 478 Formal Software Devel Methods
ECE 480 Magnetic Resonance Imaging
ECE 481 Nanotechnology
ECE 482 Digital IC Design
ECE 483 Analog IC Design
ECE 484 Prin Adv Microelec Processing
ECE 485 MEMS Devices & Systems
ECE 486 Control Systems
ECE 487 Intro Quantum Electr for EEs
ECE 488 Compound Semicond & Devices
ECE 489 Robot Dynamics and Control
ECE 490 Introduction to Optimization
ECE 491 Numerical Analysis
ECE 492 Parallel Progrmg: Sci & Engrg
ECE 493 Advanced Engineering Math
ECE 495 Photonic Device Laboratory 


ENG 461 Technology Entrepreneurship
ENG 465 Business Technical Consulting

Food Science and Human Nutrition

ABE 482 Package Engineering (replaces FSHN 469)

General Engineering

GE 101 Engineering Graphics & Design
GE 161 Business Side of Engineering
GE 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar
GE 310 General Engineering Design
GE 311 Engineering Design Analysis
GE 312 Instrumentation and Test Lab
GE 320 Control Systems
GE 330 OR Methods for Profit & Value
GE 331 Analyt Methods for Uncertainty
GE 361 Emotional Intelligence Skills
GE 390 General Engineering Seminar
GE 400 Engineering Law
GE 402 Comp-Aided Product Realization
GE 410 Component Design
GE 411 Reliability Engineering
GE 412 Nondestructive Evaluation
GE 413 Engrg Design Optimization
GE 420 Digital Control Systems
GE 421 Introduction to Robotics
GE 422 Robot Dynamics and Control
GE 423 Mechatronics
GE 424 State Space Design for Control
GE 431 Syst & Entrepreneurial Engrg
GE 450 Decision Analysis I
GE 462 Leading Sustainable Change

Industrial Engineering

IE 330 Industrial Quality Control
IE 340 Human Factors
IE 360 Facilities Planning and Design
IE 361 Production Planning & Control
IE 400 Design & Anlys of Experiments
IE 410 Stochastic Processes & Applic
IE 411 Optimization of Large Systems
IE 412 OR Models for Mfg Systems
IE 413 Simulation
IE 420 Financial Engineering
IE 430 Economic Found of Quality Syst
IE 431 Quality Engineering
IE 440 Occupational Biomechanics
IE 441 Interactive Syst Model & Desgn
IE 442 Safety Engineering
IE 445 Human Perform & Engrg Psych
IE 446 Human-Computer Interaction Lab
IE 485 MEMS Devices & Systems 

Materials Science and Enginering

Any otherwise not-required courses.

MSE 396 Introduction to Research
MSE 398 Special Topics
MSE 403 Synthesis of Materials
MSE 420 Ceramic Materials & Properties
MSE 421 Ceramic Processing
MSE 422 Electrical Ceramics
MSE 423 Ceramic Processing Laboratory
MSE 440 Mechanical Behavior of Metals
MSE 441 Metals Processing
MSE 442 Metals Laboratory
MSE 443 Design of Engineering Alloys
MSE 444 Welding and Joining Processes
MSE 445 Corrosion of Metals
MSE 450 Polymer Science & Engineering
MSE 452 Polymer Laboratory
MSE 453 Plastics Engineering
MSE 454 Mechanics of Polymers
MSE 455 Polymer Physics
MSE 456 Mechanics of Composites
MSE 457 Polymer Chemistry
MSE 458 Polymer Physical Chemistry
MSE 460 Electronic Materials I
MSE 461 Electronic Materials II
MSE 462 Electronic Materials Lab
MSE 470 Design and Use of Biomaterials
MSE 472 Biomaterials Laboratory
MSE 473 Biomolecular Materials Science
MSE 474 Biomaterials and Nanomedicine
MSE 480 Surfaces and Colloids
MSE 481 Electron Microscopy
MSE 484 Composite Materials
MSE 485 Atomic Scale Simulations
MSE 487 Materials for Nanotechnology
MSE 488 Optical Materials
MSE 489 Matl Select for Sustainability
MSE 497 Independent Study
MSE 498 Special Topics
MSE 499 Senior Thesis


MATH 210 Theory of Interest
MATH 213 Basic Discrete Mathematics
MATH 267 Math Issues National Security
MATH 290 Symbolic Computation Lab
MATH 292 Vector Calculus Supplement
MATH 347 Fundamental Mathematics
MATH 348 Fundamental Mathematics-ACP
MATH 357 Numerical Methods I
MATH 362 Probability with Engrg Applic
MATH 380 Advanced Calculus
MATH 402 Non Euclidean Geometry
MATH 403 Euclidean Geometry
MATH 410 Lin Algebra & Financial Apps
MATH 412 Graph Theory
MATH 413 Intro to Combinatorics
MATH 414 Mathematical Logic
MATH 416 Abstract Linear Algebra
MATH 417 Intro to Abstract Algebra
MATH 418 Intro to Abstract Algebra II
MATH 423 Differential Geometry
MATH 432 Set Theory and Topology
MATH 441 Differential Equations
MATH 442 Intro Partial Diff Equations
MATH 444 Elementary Real Analysis
MATH 446 Applied Complex Variables
MATH 447 Real Variables
MATH 448 Complex Variables
MATH 450 Numerical Analysis
MATH 453 Elementary Theory of Numbers
MATH 461 Probability Theory
MATH 463 Statistics and Probability I
MATH 464 Statistics and Probability II
MATH 465 Analysis of Variance
MATH 468 Topics in Applied Statistics
MATH 469 Methods of Applied Statistics
MATH 473 Fundamental Algorithms
MATH 475 Formal Models of Computation
MATH 477 Survival Analysis
MATH 481 Vector and Tensor Analysis
MATH 482 Linear Programming
MATH 484 Nonlinear Programming
MATH 487 Advanced Engineering Math
MATH 488 Math Methods In Engineering
MATH 489 Differential Equations II
MATH 490 Advanced Topics in Mathematics
MATH 491 Logic Design
MATH 493 Statistical Computing
MATH 494 Time Series Analysis

Mechanical Engineering

ME 310 Introductory Gas Dynamics
ME 320 Heat Transfer
ME 340 Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
ME 350 Design for Manufacturability
ME 360 Signal Processing
ME 370 Mechanical Design I
ME 371 Mechanical Design II
ME 400 Energy Conversion Systems
ME 401 Refrigeration and Cryogenics
ME 402 Design of Thermal Systems
ME 403 Internal Combustion Engines
ME 405 Nuclear Power Engineering
ME 410 Intermediate Gas Dynamics
ME 411 Viscous Flow & Heat Transfer
ME 412 Numerical Thermo-Fluid Mechs
ME 420 Intermediate Heat Transfer
ME 431 Mechanical Component Failure
ME 440 Kinem & Dynamics of Mech Syst
ME 445 Introduction to Robotics
ME 446 Robot Dynamics and Control
ME 450 Modeling Materials Processing
ME 451 Computer-Aided Mfg Systems
ME 452 Num Control of Mfg Processes
ME 460 Industrial Control Systems
ME 461 Computer Cntrl of Mech Systems
ME 471 Finite Element Analysis
ME 472 Introduction to Tribology
ME 481 Whole-Body Musculoskel Biomech
ME 482 Musculoskel Tissue Mechanics
ME 483 Mechanobiology
ME 485 MEMS Devices & Systems
ME 487 MEMS-NEMS Theory & Fabrication 

Molecular and Cell Biology

Biomaterials students excluded from 100 and 200 level courses for tech elective credit without approval.

MCB 100 Introductory Microbiology
MCB 101 Intro Microbiology Laboratory
MCB 103 Intro to Human Physiology
MCB 104 Intro to Human Physiology Lab
MCB 150 Molec & Cellular Basis of Life
MCB 151 Molec & Cellular Laboratory
MCB 215 Foundation in Mol & Cell Bio
MCB 240 Physiology
MCB 244 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
MCB 245 Human Anat & Physiol Lab I
MCB 250 Molecular Genetics
MCB 251 Exp Techniqs in Molecular Biol
MCB 252 Cells, Tissues & Development
MCB 253 Exp Techniqs in Cellular Biol
MCB 300 Microbiology
MCB 301 Experimental Microbiology
MCB 312 Applied Microbiology Methods
MCB 314 Introduction to Neurobiology
MCB 315 Cells and Tissues Laboratory
MCB 316 Intro Eukaryotic Molec Genet
MCB 334 Functional Human Anatomy
MCB 354 Biochem & Phys Basis of Life
MCB 400 Cancer Cell Biology
MCB 401 Cell & Membrane Physiology
MCB 402 Sys & Integrative Physiology
MCB 403 Cell & Membrane Physiology Lab
MCB 404 Sys & Integrative Physiol Lab
MCB 405 Genetics and Genomics
MCB 406 Gene Expression
MCB 408 Immunology
MCB 409 Bioinformatics & Func Genomics
MCB 410 Developmental Biology
MCB 412 Cellular Molec Neurobiology
MCB 413 Endocrinology
MCB 415 Struct Funct of Nervous System
MCB 416 Neuroethology
MCB 417 Modeling Neural Systems
MCB 419 Brain, Behavior & Info Process
MCB 421 Microbial Genetics
MCB 424 Microbial Biochemistry
MCB 425 Molecular Biophysics
MCB 426 Bacterial Pathogenesis
MCB 427 Infection and Immunity
MCB 428 Bacterial Pathogens Laboratory
MCB 429 Cellular Microbiology &Disease
MCB 430 Molecular Microbiology
MCB 431 Microbial Physiology
MCB 432 Computing in Molecular Biology
MCB 433 Virology & Viral Pathogenesis
MCB 435 Microbial Ecology & Evolution
MCB 441 Comparative Animal Physiology
MCB 442 Comparative Immunobiology
MCB 446 Physical Biochemistry
MCB 450 Introductory Biochemistry
MCB 460 Regeneration and Medicine
MCB 480 Eukaryotic Cell Signaling
MCB 481 Developmental Neurobiology
MCB 482 Biological Clocks
MCB 484 Model Organisms & Epigenetics 

Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering

NPRE 201 Energy Systems
NPRE 247 Modeling Nuclear Energy System
NPRE 402 Nuclear Power Engineering
NPRE 421 Plasma and Fusion Science
NPRE 423 Plasma Laboratory
NPRE 429 Plasma Engineering
NPRE 435 Imaging w/Ionizing Radiation
NPRE 444 Nuclear Analytical Methods Lab
NPRE 446 Radiation Interact w/Matter I
NPRE 447 Radiation Interact w/Matter II
NPRE 448 Nuclear Syst Eng & Design
NPRE 451 Nuclear Plasma & Rad Eng Lab
NPRE 453 Nuclear Reactor Laboratory
NPRE 455 Neutron Diffusion & Transport
NPRE 470 Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Sources
NPRE 475 Wind Power Systems 


PHYS 325 Classical Mechanics I
PHYS 326 Mechanics and Relativity II
PHYS 329 Atmospheric Dynamics I
PHYS 330 Atmospheric Dynamics II
PHYS 401 Classical Physics Lab
PHYS 402 Light
PHYS 403 Modern Experimental Physics
PHYS 406 Acoustical Physics of Music
PHYS 419 Space, Time, and Matter-ACP
PHYS 420 Space, Time, and Matter
PHYS 435 Electromagnetic Fields I
PHYS 436 Electromagnetic Fields II
PHYS 460 Condensed Matter Physics
PHYS 466 Atomic Scale Simulations
PHYS 470 Subatomic Physics
PHYS 479 Plasma and Fusion Science
PHYS 485 Atomic Phys & Quantum Theory
PHYS 486 Quantum Physics I
PHYS 487 Quantum Physics II 

Technical Systems Management

TSM 233 Metallurgy & Welding Process

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

TAM 212 Introductory Dynamics
TAM 252 Solid Mechanics Design
TAM 302 Engineering Design Principles
TAM 324 Behavior of Materials
TAM 335 Introductory Fluid Mechanics
TAM 412 Intermediate Dynamics
TAM 413 Fund. of Engrg. Acoustics
TAM 424 Mechanics of Structural Metals
TAM 427 Mechanics of Polymers
TAM 428 Mechanics of Composites
TAM 435 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
TAM 445 Continuum Mechanics
TAM 451 Intermediate Solid Mechanics
TAM 456 Experimental Stress Analysis
TAM 461 Cellular Biomechanics
TAM 470 Computational Mechanics