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The following scholarships and awards are available for undergraduates enrolled in the MatSE Department. Students are automatically considered for scholarships and awards, with the exception of the Bergeron Scholarship which requires an essay.

A.I. Andrews Scholarship
Scholarship established in memory of A. I. Andrews, a former Department Head of Ceramic Engineering by friends and colleagues.  Professor A. I. Andrews wrote the book “Porcelain Enamels.” 

Paul A. Beck Scholarship
Thomas Bardos, a cousin of Paul Beck’s, established this scholarship, in memory of Professor Beck’s position on the faculty in Metallurgical Engineering.  Prof. Beck joined the University of Illinois in 1951 and retired in 1976.  Even after retirement, he continued his research in alloys and published into the late 1980s. 

Harry J. Beckemeyer Jr.  Scholarship
Scholarship established by family and friends in memory of Harry J. Beckemeyer, Jr. who received degrees from the University of Illinois in Ceramic Engineering, BS 1938 and MS 1939.  Mr. Beckemeyer was a Vice-President of McGean Chemical Co. in Cleveland, Ohio, upon his retirement in 1979.

Clifton G. Bergeron Scholarship
Scholarship established by alumni of the department in honor of their former professor. Professor Bergeron received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1961 and joined the faculty as a research assistant professor in ceramics and glasses.  He served as head of the Department of Ceramic Engineering from 1978 to 1986 and he retired in 1988.  To be considered for this scholarship, students must submit a one page essay on their internship/undergrad RA experience and how this experience will benefit them in their future career plans.

Louis R. Berner Scholarship
Scholarship established in memory of Louis Berner.  Mr. Berner worked for Inland Steel as a metallurgist.  Although not an alumnus of the University of Illinois, he became familiar with the excellence of the metallurgy program at Illinois after hiring a number of U of I graduates.

Gerson B. Bilow Scholarship
Gary Bilow (BS Metallurgical Engineering ’65, MS Metallurgical Engineering ’67) decided to establish this scholarship after reaching his 40th anniversary with The Boeing Company.  After reflecting on his long career in many different non-management and management assignments working in R&D and production, Mr. Bilow said he came to the decision that he owed something to the U of I.  He said that without the excellent education and faculty in the Department of Metallurgical Engineering, he would not have had as many opportunities.  

Robert Bohl Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Professor Bob Bohl and former students and colleagues in recognition of his contribution to the Metallurgical Engineering Department. Professor Bohl taught Metallurgical Engineering at the University of Illinois for more than 44 years prior to officially retiring in 1980.  He continued to be active in departmental affairs until his death in 2006. 

Otto Sr. and Mildred Capek Scholarship
Scholarship established by Ceramic Engineering alumnus Ray Capek (BS ’58, MS ’59, PhD ’61) and his brother Otto, a General Engineering alumnus, in honor of their parents. Ray Capek worked for Zenith Electronics Corporation for 28 years as Senior Staff Consulting Engineer and Director of Ceramic Technology. He worked for Candescent Technologies Corporation in San Jose, CA, before his retirement.  He is inventor or co-inventor on 28 patents and author of 5 technical papers. 

Earl J. Eckel Scholarship
Scholarship established by former students of Earl Eckel, a long-time member of the faculty in Metallurgical Engineering.  Professor Eckel was admired by his students, although some remember him as one of their most demanding teachers.  Professor Eckel joined the faculty in 1939 and retired in 1973. 

M. Laird & Charisann Froberg Scholarship
Scholarship established by the late Laird and Charisann Froberg.  Laird Froberg received a B.S. in Ceramic Engineering from the University of Illinois in 1951 and worked for Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation.  He retired as Director of the Development Laboratories of the Owens-Corning Fiberglass Technical Center in 1986.

Phillip H. Geil Scholarship
Scholarship established by former students in 2005 to honor Professor Phil Geil.  Following periods at the E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Camille Dreyfuss Laboratory, and Case Western Reserve University, Professor Geil joined the University of Illinois as Professor in 1979 and retired in 2008.

Henry E. Grein Jr. Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Marjorie Pryor Grein in memory of her husband, Henry Grein.  She donated farmland that supports a total of 5 scholarships throughout the University.  The Henry E. Grein, Jr. Scholarships are in recognition of Mr. Grein’s professional achievements in the field of metallurgy.  His career started in 1950 as a design engineer with Alloy Engineering and Casting Company in Champaign.  In 1965, he became Executive Vice-President of Research and Engineered Sales.  He retired in 1980.

Doris Maroney Krumwiede Scholarship
Doris Maroney Krumwiede graduated with her M.S. in Ceramic Engineering in 1960. That same year she married a Ceramics classmate, Jack Krumwiede. As was custom in those days, her husband’s career had priority and Doris traded in her career to become a mother and housewife. After Doris passed away in 2013, Jack established this scholarship in her memory.

Joseph and Wyvona Lane Scholarship
Dr. Joseph Lane received his B.S. in Metallurgy from the University of Illinois in 1943, and his wife, Wyvona, received her Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1946.  The Lanes were longtime supporters of the MatSE Department and helped establish the Earl Eckel Scholarship Fund.  When Dr. Lane passed away in 2009, he left a gift to the University of Illinois in his estate, which is being used for this scholarship.

Robert E. and Karen Martin Luetje Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Robert and Karen Luetje in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary. Robert (B.S. Metallurgical Engineering ’58) and Karen (B.S. Leisure Studies ’58) met at the University of Illinois.  After graduation, they moved to Middletown, OH, where Mr. Luetje worked for Armco Steel Corporation and Mrs. Luetje taught and coached at Carlisle High School.  Mr. Luetje worked 27 years at Armco (now AK Steel) in Research and Technical Marketing. Then the couple moved to Northville, MI, where Mr. Luetje worked 15 years as Vice President of Technology for Kolene Corporation. 

MatSE Industrial Scholarship
The MatSE Industrial Scholarship was made possible thanks to the generosity of companies who want to support undergraduate education in the field of materials.

Kevin Moore Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship established by friends, students and faculty in memory of Kevin Moore.  In 1998 during his senior year, Mr. Moore’s life was tragically cut short.  After graduation, he planned to return to Jamaica and take a job in his father’s plastics company.

G. Ronald and Margaret H. Morris Scholarship & MOrris Opportunity Scholarship
Scholarships established by Ron and Peg Morris. Mr. Morris was born and raised in East St. Louis.  He was the first in his family to attend college and graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in metallurgical engineering in 1959.  Over the course of his career, he held virtually every manufacturing and executive level position—from metallurgist to president and CEO.  He served on the MatSE Department's Senior Advisory Committee and College of Engineering Advisory Board.  He received the Distinguished Merit Award from the MatSE Alumni Association (1999) and the Alumni Award for Distinguished Service in Engineering from the College of Engineering (2003). Mrs. Morris grew up in Dolton, a southern Chicago suburb.  She followed in her parents' footsteps as an Illini and graduated with her B.A. degree in speech education in 1959.  After a brief tenure teaching English and Speech, she spent most of her time raising three children. In addition to two Morris Scholarships, Mr. and Mrs. Morris endowed the Morris Professorship in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois.

James A. Nelson Scholarship
Scholarship established by family and friends in memory of Jim Nelson, a longtime member of the Ceramic Engineering faculty.  Professor Nelson received his B.S. in Ceramic Engineering in 1941, served as a paratrooper during WWII and worked for US Steel and Universal Atlas Cement Company prior to returning to Illinois where he received a Ph.D. in Ceramic Engineering in 1958.  Students remember Professor Nelson as an excellent teacher and mentor. 

Cullen W. Parmelee Scholarship
Scholarship established by Dr. Hans Thurnauer in memory of Professor Cullen Parmelee.  Professor Parmelee joined the faculty of Ceramic Engineering in 1916 and served as Head of the department from 1922-1942.  In 1930, Dr. Thurnauer attended a lecture presented by Professor Parmelee in Berlin, Germany.  Based on this lecture, Dr. Thurnauer accepted an offer to attend graduate school at Illinois.  Dr. Thurnauer received his M.S. in Ceramic Engineering in 1932 and went on to a successful career with American Lava Corporation, 3M and Coors Porcelain Company.  Dr. Thurnauer also established the Thurnauer Professorship in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois.

Cullen W. Parmelee International Research Scholarships
Scholarship established by Dr. Hans Thurnauer’s daughter Marion after her father’s death.  Through the expansion of the Cullen W. Parmelee Scholarship Fund, a study abroad program has been created in the MatSE Department that will serve to further honor the memory of Hans Thurnauer by reaching an increased number of students through international study and exposure. 

David Payne Scholarship
Scholarship established by the MatSE alumni board and former students of Professor David Payne, in his honor. Scholarships each year support undergraduate students enrolled in MatSE, with a preference for students showing interest in ceramics, inorganic materials, and other related fields.

Frederick A. Petersen Scholarship
Scholarship established by alumnus Frederick (Pete) Petersen (BS Ceramic Engineering ’37).  After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Mr. Petersen worked one year then went to Ohio State on a fellowship and received his master’s degree in 1939.  After three years of plant research and development, Pete returned to the Ceramics Department at the University of Illinois.  He left as a research professor in August 1951.  He then worked as an associate at Thomas Associates, Inc., in Cleveland where he managed 17 National Trade Associations.  He passed away in 2008.

Norman L. Peterson Scholarship
Scholarship established in memory of Norman Peterson, who served as head of the MatSE Department in 1985 shortly after the merger of the Ceramics and Metallurgy Departments.  He came to the University of Illinois from Argonne National Lab.  After his untimely death in 1986, his family and friends established this memorial fund. 

Larry D. and Carol Rakers Scholarship
This scholarship was established by alumnus Larry Rakers and his wife Carol.  Mr. Rakers graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Metallurgy in 1985 and a MS in Metallurgy in 1988.  He went on to receive an MBA from Northeastern University in 1993.  He is a Fund Manager for Fidelity Investments in Boston.  He established the scholarship because he received a scholarship when he was a student at the U of I and wanted to give back.

Ian and Victoria Robertson Scholarship
The scholarship is in honor of Prof. Ian Robertson and his wife Vicky.  The scholarship was started by former students and friends to honor Ian for his teaching, advising, and service to MatSE as Department Head.  Ian joined the MatSE faculty in 1983. 

C.M. Wayman Scholarship
Marv Wayman was a professor in Metallurgy from 1957-1995. He published more than 400 papers, of which 100 deal with shape memory materials. The scholarship fund was established by his former students and colleagues.

Wert Scholarship
Scholarship established by the late Charlie Wert and his wife, Lucy, and former students and colleagues in recognition of Professor Wert’s contribution to the field of Metallurgy.  Professor Wert’s tenure with the department began in 1950 and continued until his retirement in 1989.  During this time he served 19 years as Head.

Alfred W. Allen Award
Award established in memory of Alfred Allen who served as a member of the Ceramic Engineering faculty from 1946 to 1973.  He was a dedicated professor who brought a very special excellence to the teaching of refractories, ceramic microscopy, pyrometry, and nuclear ceramics at the University of Illinois.  The Allen Award was established to recognize superior academic achievement and is presented to students based on grade point average for the preceding two semesters at the University.

Arthur L. Friedberg Award
Award established in memory of Arthur Friedberg and his contributions to the field of ceramic engineering education.  This award recognizes leadership in student activities and scholastic achievement.  Professor Friedberg joined the Ceramic Engineering faculty in 1946 and was named Head of the Department in 1963.  He retired from the University in 1978 and became Executive Director of the American Ceramic Society. 

Laird Froberg Award
This award is for the student who represents the University of Illinois at the American Ceramic Society’s Student Speaking Contest.  The purpose of the Student Speaking Contest is to encourage undergraduate students to present technical papers and to improve their presentation skills.  Mr. Laird Froberg was very involved with ACerS during his lifetime. 

Materials Science and Engineering Alumni Board Award
This award is based on involvement in MatSE student organizations and outreach activities on behalf of the MatSE Department.  The award was established by the Materials Science and Engineering Alumni Board under the leadership of Board President Sheryl Tipton.

Sheryl Blair Tipton Award
This award is the first one named after an alumna. After graduating in 1980 with a B.S. in Metallurgy, Sheryl Tipton went to work for Caterpillar. During her 32 year career at Caterpillar, she held various engineering and leadership positions including Metallurgical Engineering Supervisor, Dean of Technology for Caterpillar University, 6 Sigma Deployment Champion and Engineering Fellow.  She holds 7 U.S. patents in the area of heat treat processing and controls.  Sheryl served on the MatSE Alumni Board for over 10 years, and is a past President of the Alumni Board.