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At Grainger Engineering, you apply directly to your engineering major of interest. This enables immediate interaction with faculty and peers in the department, builds community, and assists your involvement in research and extracurriculars related specifically to your academic goals. If you haven't done so yet, begin your application to join the Materials Science and Engineering family.

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Welcome to MSE 182

All students are required to take introductory course MSE 182. Here, you'll explore the building blocks for thinking like a material scientist. Let’s meet one of the professors who teaches this course: 

“In this class, we'll explore the wide, wild world of materials. How can we make better solar cells to power a clean energy future? How might the computer chips in the iPhone 20 work? Can we design plastics that repair themselves? What can we learn from nature to solve problems in our everyday world? We’ll think about all of these questions and even do some hands-on experiments, such as discovering the science behind gourmet chocolate, to help you discover topics and questions that will drive you throughout your college career. I can't wait for you to join me on this adventure, and I look forward to meeting you soon.” — Pinshane Huang, associate professor

Explore the Science of Chocolate

Join Material Advantage

Consider joining Material Advantage, a tight-knit undergraduate student organization. As a member, you'll have access to peer support in your studies and tons of fun professional and social activities. Recent group activities include networking with materials experts at the 2022 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition and building snowmen on the quad.

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Hear From Your Peers

Kira Martin’s involvement in MatSE’s tight-knit student organizations, Material Advantage and Keramos, has helped her make all the right connections. The junior’s connection to the student groups helped her land a summer internship as a materials and corrosion engineer at Chevron. When it comes to MatSE, Kira knows the major has something for everyone.

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Make Meaningful Connections

You'll get the chance to connect with upperclassmen through the student-led mentorship program. Launched by students, this program began during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way for students to keep in touch. Today, it has evolved into a social scene with homework meetups, picnics on the quad and much more!

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