ME 471

ME 471 - Finite Element Analysis

Summer 2021

Finite Element AnalysisAE420ONC39995ONL3 -    Huck Beng Chew
Finite Element AnalysisAE420ONL38407ONL3 -    Huck Beng Chew
Finite Element AnalysisCSE451ONC40026ONL3 -    Huck Beng Chew
Finite Element AnalysisCSE451ONL38414ONL3 -    Huck Beng Chew
Finite Element AnalysisME471ONC40025ONL3 -    Huck Beng Chew
Finite Element AnalysisME471ONL38415ONL3 -    Huck Beng Chew

Official Description

The finite element method and its application to engineering problems: truss and frame structures, heat conduction, and linear elasticity; use of application software; overview of advanced topics such as structural dynamics, fluid flow, and nonlinear structural analysis. Course Information: Same as AE 420 and CSE 451. 3 or 4 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours. Credit is not given for both ME 471 and CEE 470. Prerequisite: CS 101 and ME 371 or TAM 470. Alternatively, AE 370 for AE students.

Subject Area

  • Computational Materials