Gender Equity in Materials Science (GEMS) Camp

Everything is made of materials. From buildings to batteries, clothing to cars, we depend on materials for many things in our everyday life. Materials science and engineering (MatSE) is all about understanding the structure and properties of materials ranging from the atomic scale to the macro-scale. Join one of our outreach opportunities to learn more about materials science!

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Our summer camp structure comes from years of feedback and continual modification. It is unique in that in incorporates three things:

  1. A centralized theme to connect the entire week’s activities
  2. A design project woven throughout the week to encourage implementation of new skills/topics learned
  3. Individual modules covering a wide range of topics to peak interests within a broad audience

Another activity I enjoyed was the ceramic brick project. I felt like the MATSE professors and students did a great job of giving a project that had to do with other engineering majors, such as civil and structural for the bricks.”

--2019 MatSE camper

Jessica Anne Krogstad

Camp Coordinator

Professor Jessica Krogstad received her PhD in Materials at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2012. Her research focuses on material performance in extreme environments (like gas turbine engines and nuclear reactors). Professor Krogstad joined the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the Fall of 2014 as an Assistant Professor, but she’s no stranger, having received her BS from the department in 2007. Fun fact: she worked as a Counselor when she was an undergraduate at the University of Illinois!

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