Alumni Association

MatSE's alumni association aims to foster the advancement of the department, The Grainger College of Engineering, University of Illinois and its alumni association. Active membership is open to all alumni of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. All past officers of the alumni association may serve as ex-officio members of the board. The head of the department is also tendered this privilege. Meetings are held on-campus twice a year, in the fall and spring.

Alumni Board

Candidates for the MatSE Alumni Board are nominated by the Nominating Committee and the Board of Directors and presented for approval and election by the members present at the annual meeting. Each member of the board serves a four-year term. Board members may be reelected to a maximum of eight years.


  • President, Zeba Parkar
  • Vice President, Matt Frey


  • Daniel Bergstrom (’92 B.S., ’97 Ph.D.), Intel
  • Dominic Bonucci (’04 B.S.), Exxon Mobil
  • Eileen Joyce De Guire (’81 B.S., ’82 M.S.) American Ceramic Society
  • Matthew Frey (’92 B.S., ’96 Ph.D.), 3M
  • Craig Gowin (’00 B.S.), PepsiCo
  • Christopher Hansen (’05 B.S., ’11 Ph.D.) University of Massachusetts
  • Katie Morton (’14 B.S.), PepsiCo
  • Shannon Murray (Ph.D) Sandia National Laboratory
  • Zeba Parkar (’11 Ph.D.), Entrepreneur
  • Stephanie Potisek Lee (’08 Ph.D.), Dow Chemical
  • Adam Stevensen Saint Gobain
  • Gerald Wilson (Ph.D) Autonomous Materials

  • James Burk (‘73 B.S., ’74 M.S., ‘78 Ph.D.), B.P. Exploration
  • Ray Capek ('58 B.S., '59 M.S., ’61 Ph.D.), Candescent (retired)
  • Charles Connors ('60 B.S.), Magneco Metrel Inc.
  • Russ Duttweiler (‘60 B.S.), R&D Consulting
  • Martin Kopchak (’73 B.S., ‘76 M.S.), Caterpillar
  • Ken Kuna '68 B.S., '69 M.S.), University of Detroit Mercy
  • Keith Meyer ('80 B.S.), Boeing
  • Doug Ruhmann (’64 B.S.), Boeing (retired)
  • David Teter ('90 B.S., ’96 Ph.D.), Los Alamos National Lab
  • Sheryl Tipton ('80 B.S.), Caterpillar (retired)
  • Britt Turkot, '90 B.S., '92 M.S., '96 Ph.D.), Intel

Student working with syringe and test tube in lab