Student Societies

Our two student societies, Material Advantage and Keramos, provide MatSE students with excellent ways to connect with their peers, network with professionals on the national and global scales, gain invaluable mentorship opportunities, and create friendships and memories that last a lifetime. Explore all that awaits you in your Illinois journey.

 Material Advantage

The premiere MatSE undergraduate student organization is Material Advantage. Membership in Material Advantage provides students with opportunities for scholarships and networking on a national level and much more. Check out all this stellar group has to offer.

Once you've joined Material Advantage, you'll receive automatic enrollment in four highly recognized professional societies, including:

You'll also have opportunities to travel with fellow MA members to annual national conferences, where you'll meet and network with peers and professionals from all around the world.

Each semester, MA also holds industry talks hosted by MatSE alumni who share their ground-breaking efforts in the field. Last year's chats included Intel's Dan Bergstrom, an engineering manager and '97 alumnus, and Garmin's Kyle McKillop, a color, materials and finish engineer and '18 alumnus.

You'll get the chance to connect with upperclassmen through the student-led mentorship program. Launched by students, this program began during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way for students to keep in touch. Today, it has evolved into a social scene with homework meetups, picnics on the quad and much more.

As a member of Material Advantage, you'll be part of creating MatSE's social scene. General meetings provide an informal setting for you to get to know your peers, but so much of MA's fun takes place during group outings. Past events and activities include:

  • Apple picking at Curtis Apple Orchard
  • Bowling
  • Campfires and hayrides at Miner Farms
  • MatSE Friendsgiving
  • Mini golfing 
  • Paintballing

MatSE junior Shivam Tailor

Student in a car with thumbs up


The Illinois chapter of this national professional ceramic engineering fraternity offers MatSE students countless professional development opportunities. Keramos is also a great way to connect with your peers and create lasting memories. Explore below to see all awaits you in Keramos.

Membership to Keramos is available to MatSE undergraduate students who have at least a sophomore standing and a GPA of 3.0 at the time of initiation.

Keramos members participate in the annual Materials Science and Technology Meeting and Exhibition, which includes ceramic mug-drop, disc golf and poster contests. Explore the Illinois team's highlights from last year's conference competitions.

Each week Keramos hosts the Play with Clay event in the basement of the Ceramics Building. This event is open to all MatSE students. Here Illinois students get creative in learning the different ceramic processing techniques. Get your glaze on each Thursday of the fall and spring semesters from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

We're an 'incredible, tight-knit' community

Meet Material Advantage president Shivam Tailor. Check out the junior's journey — from first-year jitters to leading Material Advantage's mentorship program and becoming the student organization's president — in his blog. Shivam took initiative to ensure MatSE students were able to make friends and memories during the pandemic by creating the mentorship program. Explore what all awaits you in Material Advantage.

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Come make friends, memories that 'last a lifetime'

Bailey Wooldridge is the president of Keramos. Read the senior's story — from joining Keramos in her second semester of college to seeing campus shut down two weeks after her initiation due to COVID. See how Keramos adjusted to give Bailey and other students that much-needed connection with peers in a difficult time. Now as the president of the Keramos, Bailey's ready to kickoff an unforgettable year. See what you'll achieve in Keramos.

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