Undergraduate Programs

What is Materials Science and Engineering?

Materials Science and Engineering is an interdisciplinary field of study. Students build a fundamental understanding of materials by taking courses in chemistry, physics, and engineering. In this program, you'll learn how to tailor the structure, properties, and performance of existing materials. You will also develop and synthesize new materials with unique properties. Finding the right material is important for both major technological and societal challenges. Examples include: renewable energy generation and storage, development of advanced microelectronics, environmental remediation, space exploration, and sustainable transportation. Our program can take you to the forefront of technology. If you want to make things smaller, faster, stronger, and smarter, this major might be for you.

Unparalleled opportunities for undergraduate research (MSE 396 Intro to Research); Industry-standard computational tools and methods integrated into the curriculum. 
Designated lab space for undergraduates to experience cutting- edge equipment with expert faculty: 
Scanning electron microscope; sputter deposition system; stress measurement system; discovery rheometer. 



Explore various materials and methods: Polymers, Thin Films, Photovoltaics, Low-dimensional Electronics, Ceramics, Metals, and Biomaterials; Choose your own senior lab modules and capstone project. 
Experience how the solutions of the next century are often materials engineering challenges; Gain the skills necessary to engage with the future of research and innovation.