Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising

To find your current academic advisor, see the list posted outside of the main office, room 201 MSEB.
If you do not have an assignment, contact the Chief Advisor, Laura Nagel . If you are a new transfer into the department you may not be listed.

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Students should see their assigned advisor each semester to build a relationship with that advisor and to develop opportunities for recommendation letters. Students may see any other faculty as they prefer for advising. Students may also see the Chief Advisor for all problems. However, students should always make a plan themselves before seeing an advisor. Remember, it is your degree and your life. Take the lead!

Frequently asked questions

What should I take next semester?
Step 1: Make a plan of your own.
Step 2: See your assigned advisor and check your plan with them.
Step 3: If you still need advice, email your plan to the Chief Advisor.
Step 4: If that seems unsatisfactory, make an appointment to see the Chief Advisor.

How soon will I graduate?
Step 1: Visit the site above to see a recent grad check.
Step 2: Make a plan of your own.
Step 3: If you are unsure you may email your plan to the Chief Advisor for verification.

I want to do a Co-op:
Step 1: Visit Engineering Career Services.
Step 2: Make a plan of your own.
Step 3: Check your plan with the Chief Advisor.

I want to study abroad:
Step 1: Visit the International Programs in Engineering (IPENG) office.
Step 2: Make a plan of your own.
Step 3: Check your plan with the Chief Advisor.

I want information on the business minor
See the requirements for MatSE students pursuing a business minor.

What should I do when I graduate?
Step 1: Visit your assigned advisor.
Step 2: Attend career fairs; register with Engineering Career Services.
Step 3: If you still need help, see the Chief Advisor.

I am thinking MatSE might not be right for me…
Step 1: Speak with your assigned advisor.
Step 2: If you want more help, see the Chief Advisor.

I am not in MATSE and I want to transfer into MATSE
See the Chief Advisor.

I have transfer courses I need credit for:
Step 1: Make sure your transcript has been sent to the Records office.
Step 2: Wait at least one month for the record to be entered.
Step 3: Check your online grad check.
Step 4: If unsure, send an email to the Chief Advisor.

Where do MatSE graduates go after they receive their B.S. degree?
Placement statistics

Other useful web sites

What courses are acceptable technical electives?

What courses are usable for general education requirements?

What are approved courses for transfer?
From State of Illinois Colleges and Universities, see

If your institution is not listed there, contact the College of Engineering Office of Academic Programs (217-333-2280). You will need information showing what was taught in the course such as tests, homework, text book, notes, etc. You will probably be asked to see an appropriate faculty member for approval of the equivalence.