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MatSE's curriculum provides an understanding of the underlying principles of synthesis and processing of materials and of the interrelationships between structure, properties and processing. You'll learn how to create advanced materials and systems required for site-specific drug delivery, self-healing materials, enabling the transition to a hydrogen-based economy and for more efficient photovoltaics and nuclear systems for energy production.

Undergraduate Curriculum Maps

Explore All Materials

Are you prepared to discover materials for energy and the environment, mechanical properties and materials for extreme conditions, or nanoscale science and technology? Endless learning opportunities await you. Discover our material journey below:

Discover Materials with a Biomaterials Focus

Get ready. You're about to explore functional materials and their biomedical and biological applications. Your studies of biomaterials will cross many disciplines including biological, chemical, chemistry, computational, life, pharmaceutical and physics sciences as well as electronic and mechanical engineering. Explore all of your biomaterial course options below:

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Check out The Grainger College of Engineering's Undergraduate Curriculum Maps for MatSE undergrads. They include:


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