Graduate Exams: Qualification, Preliminary, and Final

Qualifying Exams and Examiners


Lead Examiner J. Cheng, Co-examiner C. Leal

Ceramic Processing

Lead Examiner T. Kriven, Co-examiner D. Shoemaker


Lead Examiner N. Sottos, Co-examiner S. White

Computational/Simulation Methods in Materials Science

Lead Examiner D. Trinkle, Co-examiner A. Ferguson

Dynamics of Macromolecular Fluids

Lead Examiner K. Schweizer, Co-examiner Q. Chen

Electron Microscopy and Scattering

Lead Examiner J. Zuo, Co-examiner P. Huang

Electronic Materials Processing

Lead Examiner A. Rockett, Co-examiner M. Shim

Macromolecular Solids

Lead Examiner N. Sottos, Co-examiner P. Braun

Mechanical Properties

Lead Examiner D. Trinkle, Co-examiner P. Bellon

Optical Properties of Materials

Lead Examiner J. Rogers, Co-examiner M. Shim

Physical Metallurgy

Lead Examiner P. Bellon, Co-examiner J. Shang

Physics and Physical Chemistry of Polymer Liquids

Lead Examiner A. Ferguson, Co-examiner K. Schweizer

Polymer Synthesis

Lead Examiner J. Cheng, Co-examiner C. Evans

Solid State Physics

Lead Examiner A. Schleife, Co-examiner R. Averback

Surfaces and Colloids

Lead Examiner Q. Chen, Co-examiner P. Braun

Other - One topic only, may be chosen from list of prior exams below or any other topic. DGS approval required.

Atomic Processes on Surfaces, Crystal Physics and Structure, Defects in Crystals, Dielectric Properties of Materials, Plastics Engineering, Solid State Transformations, Tribology of Materials, X-Ray Diffraction and Scattering