MSE 206

MSE 206 - Mechanics for MatSE

Spring 2023

Mechanics for MatSEMSE206AD143379DIS01300 - 1350 F  2078 Natural History Building Jessica Anne Krogstad
Alexandra Rose Spitzer
Tyler Price
Mechanics for MatSEMSE206AD257449DIS01400 - 1450 F  2078 Natural History Building Jessica Anne Krogstad
Aniket Khanna
Tyler Price
Mechanics for MatSEMSE206AD360424DIS01500 - 1550 F  2078 Natural History Building Jessica Anne Krogstad
Thomas Gomez
Tyler Price
Mechanics for MatSEMSE206AL136224LEC41400 - 1550 M W  112 Transportation Building Jessica Anne Krogstad


Official Description

Statics and mechanics of materials concepts pertinent to the fields of materials science and engineering: force resultants; stresses and strains produced in elastic bodies; microscopic effects of different loading states (tension, compression, torsion, and bending) on deformable bodies; beam stresses and deflections; three-dimensional stresses and strains. Course Information: Credit is not given for both MSE 206 and TAM 251. Prerequisite: MATH 241 and PHYS 211. Credit or concurrent enrollment in CS 101 or CS 124 or CS 125; and MATH 225 or 257 or MATH 415; and MSE 201.