MSE 489

MSE 489 - Matl Select for Sustainability

Fall 2020

Matl Select for SustainabilityMSE489A57708ONL31400 - 1520 T R    John R Abelson
Matl Select for SustainabilityMSE489B57711ONL31400 - 1520 T R    John R Abelson


Official Description

Quantitative methods to optimize the selection of materials including traditional (minimize mass or volume, maximize performance) and sustainability (minimize energy consumption and CO2 emission during synthesis, maximize recyclability) goals. Tradeoff methods to optimize both via engineering design and materials selection for product lifetime, economic outlay and return, time dynamics and materials consumption, recycling, and disposal. Application of commercial software to optimize selections. For engineering and science majors only. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: MSE 201.

Subject Area

  • Sustainability
  • Energy Materials