MSE 308

MSE 308 - Materials Laboratory II

Spring 2024

Materials Laboratory IIMSE308AB138210LAB01400 - 1650 T  105 Ceramics Kiln House Jessica TerBush
Kira Martin
Lorraine Rachel Jamison
Ziqi Zhao
Materials Laboratory IIMSE308AB238211LAB01400 - 1650 W  105 Ceramics Kiln House Jessica TerBush
Andrew Hattoon Enriquez
David Minsup Lee
Michael Han
Ziqi Zhao
Materials Laboratory IIMSE308AB338214LAB01400 - 1650 R  105 Ceramics Kiln House Jessica TerBush
Ella Fuhai Schwartz
Lorraine Rachel Jamison
Materials Laboratory IIMSE308AB445287LAB01400 - 1650 F  105 Ceramics Kiln House Jessica TerBush
David Minsup Lee
Feyza Rahime Baysal
Gigi Yik
Kayla Lily Huang
Michael Han
Materials Laboratory IIMSE308AL138208LEC31300 - 1350 T R  122 Ceramics Kiln House Jessica TerBush
Materials Laboratory IIMSE308AL138208LEC31300 - 1350 T R  2055 Sidney Lu Mech Engr Bldg Jessica TerBush


Official Description

Experiments characterizing mechanical, transport, and electronic properties of materials and the use of optical microscopy, quartz crystal microbalance, and various mechanical testing equipment. Technical communication is refined through the use of lab reports and oral presentations. Course Information: MSE 307 and MSE 308 are approved for General Education credit only as a sequence. Both courses must be completed to receive Advanced Composition credit. Prerequisite: Credit or concurrent registration in MSE 307 and MSE 406.