Stinville, graduate students honored for research paper

6/4/2024 Jackson Brunner

Written by Jackson Brunner

Assistant Professor Jean-Charles Stinville used the term "pioneering" to describe a research paper he and graduate students of Illinois Materials Science and Engineering contributed to. The project, titled "High-Throughput High-Resolution Digital Image Correlation Measurements by Multi-Beam SEM Imaging," was printed in Experimental Mechanics, a publication put together by the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM). The paper received the 2024 Hetényi Award, which is named in honor of distinguished career scientist Dr. Miklos Hetényi. 

Stinville and two Illinois Ph.D. students, including Rephayah Black and Christopher Bean, examined high-thoroughput measurements of plasticity in metals with the goal of accelerating material discovery. 

"This effort is crucial now as additive manufacturing allows us to quickly explore new alloy compositions and microstructures, which are vast, challenging, and time-consuming to achieve with traditional metal processing methods," Stinville said. 

Other researched named as award winners related to this paper include Tomasz Garbowski, Anna Lena Eberle, Stephan Nickell, Damien Texier and Valery Valle. 

The paper can be read in its entirety by visiting this link





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This story was published June 4, 2024.