Graduate student Kaustubh Panse receives TechnipFMC Fellowship


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Congratulations to PhD student Kaustubh Panse of Zhang’s Group for receiving the 2020-2021 TechnipFMC Fellowship. 

“Kaustubh was the first PhD student joining my recently established lab. He has done an incredible job building up the lab and achieving many fantastic results. This award recognizes Kaustubh’s hard work and scientific leadership,” said Zhang.

Panse applied for the fellowship with the proposal of understanding fundamental adsorption processes of organic molecules on metallic surfaces. They aim to characterize these processes using our recently developed liquid phase atomic force microscopy techniques. The far-reaching goal is to improve the efficiency of transportation and storage of petrochemical products in pipelines. 

“I'd like to thank Prof. Zhang for his constant motivation, support and guidance both as a research adviser and throughout the application process. It's been a great experience working in his research group,” said Panse.

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This story was published April 29, 2020.