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Micron internship furthering semiconductor dreams

Rising materials science and engineering senior Dika Prasetya pens a blog detailing his summer internship at Micron, where he furthered his industrial dreams of working with semiconductors.

Written by Dika Prasetya

Hi, I am Dika Prasetya, a rising senior studying material science and engineering. I interned at Micron Technology as a chemical vapor deposition process engineer this summer.

My responsibility as a process engineering intern was to understand and exercise the disciplines of statistical process control and to maintain production quality and output.

My favorite moments at Micron were during hangouts with other interns and team members. Micron usually arranged social events for interns to partake in, and it was very helpful in getting us to know each other better. The team welcomed me with open arms and was very patient in helping me understand how process engineers utilize the systems used to improve manufacturing output and quality. 

During my internship, I created process control charts to increase inline monitoring, readjusted control limits based on data and performed thorough problem-solving for various equipment having product quality issues. Additionally, I worked on compiling data for new tool qualifications that enable production to run matching other like tools. I collaborated with members from various departments to ensure compliance with production standards and avoid tool failure risks.

Apart from technical skills and knowledge, I improved my team-working and problem-solving skills. I learned to approach unfamiliar issues through controlled documentation and routinely communicated my progress to prevent unwanted production issues.

As a MatSE student who has a keen interest in semiconductors, this experience furthered my interest in the subject and broadened my horizon toward the industry.

I am enthusiastic about the future of semiconductors. Whether the path for me is toward research, manufacturing, or management, I will bring the values and personal growth from this experience with me further in my career.

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This story was published August 30, 2023.