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Shoemaker group to provide materials for new $12.6M Energy Frontier Research Center


The collaboration was awarded for their proposal “Energy Frontier Research Center for Quantum Sensing and Quantum Materials (QSQM).” The center aims to develop and apply nontrivial quantum sensing methods to measure and unravel mysteries associated with three families of quantum materials. These families are exotic superconductors, topological crystalline insulators, and strange metals. Daniel Shoemaker, professor of materials science and engineering, will lead synthesis efforts to grow high-quality crystals of the three families of materials in the Center.

"We are always working to understand how to grow new complex materials, especially as high-quality single crystals. For us, it’s exciting that the compounds at the heart of this center are so unexplored. When new characterization techniques are developed, they reveal new physics in materials that nobody could peer into before. So I’m looking forward to some very nimble projects where we take those lessons and make the next generation of quantum materials," said Shoemaker.