Chris Evans

Chris Evans
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  • 2013, PhD, Northwestern University
  • 2008, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • 2008, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of Minnesota


Professor Evans received his bachelors in both Chemical Engineering as well as Chemistry from the University of Minnesota and his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University. Following a brief stint at UC Berkeley, he moved to UC Santa Barbara to continue his postdoc. He joined the faculty at UIUC in 2016. His professional awards include the Ryan Fellowship, 3M Fellowship, AkzoNobel award, ACS Petroleum Research Fund Doctoral New Investigator award, and a 3M Non-tenured faculty award.

Research Statement

The Evans group is interested in probing the physics of polymer networks with the incorporation of dynamic covalent bonds and added salts. We are pursuing a fundamental understanding of polymer properties such as energy dissipation, self-healing, crystallization, and transport of small molecules through the network. The group combines molecular design of precise polymers with advanced characterization approaches to determine structure-property relationships in dynamic, ionic networks. Application of networks in the group include supercapacitors, actuators, membranes, batteries, and shockwave dissipating polymers which are informed by our fundamental investigations.

Research Interests

  • Polymer Physics, Diffusion, Energy Materials, Nanoscale and Interfacial Physics

Research Areas

  • Polymers

Research Topics

Selected Articles in Journals


  • ACS PMSE Young Investigator Award (2022)
  • 3M Non-tenured Faculty Award (2020)
  • NSF CAREER Award (2018)
  • American Chemical Society: Petroleum Research Fund Doctoral New Investigator (2017)
  • AkzoNobel Award Winner (2012)
  • 3M Fellowship (2010)
  • Ryan Fellowship (2010)

Teaching Honors

  • Teachers Ranked as Excellent (Fall 2016, Fall 2018)

Recent Courses Taught

  • MSE 402 - Kinetic Processes in Materials
  • MSE 457 (CHEM 480) - Polymer Chemistry
  • MSE 552 - Mass & Ion Transport in Polyme
  • MSE 559 - Soft Materials Seminar
  • MSE 595 - Materials Colloquium
  • MSE 598 CE - Transport in Polymers