Antonia Statt

Antonia Statt
Antonia Statt
Assistant Professor
(217) 244-1728
204A Materials Science & Eng Bld

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  • PhD, Physics, University of Mainz, Oct 2015
  • Diploma, Physics, University of Mainz, 2012

Academic Positions

  • Assistant Professor (0% Appointment), Chemical & Bimolecular Engineering, January 2023 - present
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, April 2016 - November 2019
  • Affiliate Assistant Professor, Beckman Institute, April 2020 - present
  • Affiliate Assistant Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, January 2020 - January 2023
  • Assistant Professor, Materials Research Lab, November 2019 - present
  • Assistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering, November 2019 - present

Research Statement

Our lab’s research focuses on understanding fundamental phenomena in soft matter systems, motivated by challenges in energy, environment, and technology. We are particularly interested in crystallization and aggregation of polymers and colloidal systems, and non-equilibrium effects like flow or evaporation. Our work integrates empirical model development, statistical mechanics, applications of machine learning techniques, and highly efficient GPU-accelerated simulations. 

Graduate Research Opportunities

We are always looking for motivated, excited graduate students! If you are at UIUC, please send a short description of your research interests and background to us, and some times to meet. For graduate students at other institutions, you might be able to do an internship at our group if you have external funding or a fellowship, please send a brief description of your background and interests and the contact details of your primary research advisor. For applying to grad school at UIUC, please find all relevant information on our department webpage.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

If you are interested in joining the lab please send us an email, describing background, research interests, what you hope to get out of your research experience, and how much time you want to spend in the lab. You don’t need any previous research experience, just be motivated and curious to learn! International students may be able to join our lab if you have funding, either with an REU program or external fellowships.

Research Topics

Selected Articles in Journals

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Recent Courses Taught

  • MSE 458 (CHEM 482) - Polymer Physics
  • MSE 480 (CHEM 488) - Surfaces and Colloids
  • MSE 485 (CSE 485, PHYS 466) - Atomic Scale Simulations
  • MSE 559 - Soft Materials Seminar
  • MSE 595 - Materials Colloquium