Instructional Responsibilities

Lab Course Instructor

  • Know the details of the experiments to be completed in the course including all potential hazards
  • When developing new experiments for lab courses, complete a hazard assessment so that safe procedures may be developed
  • Ensure that Graduate Teaching Assistants are properly trained on how to perform the experiments in a safe manner and that they are ready to provide guidance to the classes that they will oversee
  • Ensure that standard operating procedures are available for every process to be completed by the students
  • Inform the students of safety training that is required before beginning the experiment
  • Ensure that all students are aware of the safety policies of the instructional labs
  • Ensure that all necessary personal protective equipment is being utilized

Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Complete general training on safety in the instructional labs
  • Complete training on how to perform the student experiments
  • Perform the experiments assigned before the beginning of semester and be able to demonstrate understanding of the equipment and concepts
  • Be a leader and example with regard to safety in the laboratory by practicing safe work habits, wearing the proper PPE, and instructing all students in safe behavior
  • Before beginning an experiment with a new group of students, provide an overview of the potential hazards for the class.
  • Report unsafe conditions to the lab manager
  • Report accidents or near misses to the lab manager
  • Remove any students from the lab who are working unsafely


  • Complete General Lab Safety training before beginning class
  • Read the experiment documents and procedures before coming to class
  • Ask questions if you do not understand
  • Review hazards associated with the equipment and materials that will be used
  • Where the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment as specified by the experiment procedures
  • Report any unsafe behavior or conditions