Materials for Medicine

Biomaterials research at Illinois aims at studying the fundamental aspects of a broad range of materials, designing, synthesizing and fabricating novel functional materials and exploring their biomedical and biological applications. This concentration crosses many disciplines including chemistry, physics, chemical, biological, mechanical and electronic engineering, pharmaceutical and life sciences, and computational sciences.

Specific research areas include large-area, flexible and stretchable electronics for biomedical applications, optical and biological sensors, bionanomaterials for drug and gene delivery applications, biomaterials and new approaches of developing and studying chemical, physical and biological microenvironment for stem cell and tissue engineering research, fundamental study of the molecular interactions of biological and biomimetic materials using X-ray, NMR, statistical physics and high performance computing techniques for biomaterials self-assembly, and building, imaging and fundamental science of active soft matter, the artificial materials analogue of smart living systems.

Faculty in this Area

Professor and Grainger Distinguished Chair in Engineering; Director of Materials Research Laboratory
Associate Professor
Associate Professor and Racheff Faculty Scholar, Carle Illinois College of Medicine Affiliate
James Economy Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor